November 12, 2011

so young!

Tonight was the annual Youth For Christ (YFC) banquet. Every year around this time they have a big fundraiser banquet for the local YFC workers and the Deck (a safe place for kids and teenagers to hang out, they can eat and play games, make friends and stay out of trouble. There are YFC missionaries that work with them and volunteers who spend time investing in their lives. Despite being a small town I have been told this is the worst area for drugs so anything that keeps kids out of trouble and off drugs, not to mention a chance to share the gospel with them, is well worth it.)

While there I got chatting with another mom who has a daughter only days older than Aurora, (I've never met this mom before but I could tell her daughter was the same age.) she asked if I had registered Aurora for school yet and said that she needed to register her daughter before the end of the month. Aurora is not even 3 yet!! Here in Canada you start kindergarten the year you turn 4 even if that is the end of December. It is only Jr. Kindergarten but is still full day. I can't imagine sending my little girl away to school every day already!!

I had already chosen to homeschool her for at the very least Kindergarten and probably more but this was definitely validation in my mind. It hurts my heart to think of her going away to school every day already. I know she would do "fine", she loves being around other kids (and we do that a lot because I definitely think that is important) but to throw her so soon into a secular school and away from the things I think are so important  for her to learn, I can't imagine that.

I am so thankful to live in a country where I have the option to choose to homeschool my children, especially in these early years. What a blessing to be able to instill in our children the things that are so important.

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