November 11, 2011


Happy Remembrance/Veterans day!
To change things up and make them interesting for her I decided to do our math lesson on the window today using dry erase (window) crayons. They are really fun to use, (way more fun than dry erase markers) and I hadn't let her use them before. (Usually my husband and I just use them to write notes to each other on the kitchen window or on the mirrors - he works shift work so sometimes he is home after we are in bed)
 After our lessons Aurora wanted to make a cake and since I didn't have any mixes (I tend to usually take the easy way out and use cake mixes) we made it from scratch (which is really almost as fast so i don't know why i use mixes)
 She did most of it herself. (I tried to put my OCDness on hold because she really likes doing it) Here she is pouring in the eggs, yes she poured one onto the floor... but oh well, we are making memories.

 oops, got some on her arm...better lick it off!

 measuring and pouring the dry ingredients
 Then we dyed the cake yellow for reasons I am not allowed to say yet. LOL

And she decorated it for her daddy

 and of course licked the spatula...

We also had a visit from a friend I haven't seen in years who had a little due the same day as I was due with Gideon, and they happened to both be late and both were born the same day! 


  1. She is SO cute!
    We just saw those dry erase crayons in the store for the first time & had to pick up a pack. Haven't thought to try them on windows, though!

  2. They are so fun!!! more fun than crayons and markers. Enjoy them! :)
    Thanks. She's my little stinker.


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