November 28, 2011


 Here is our rock candy....
 Here they are, we decided that this was big enough for us for now
 Then Aurora played with magic sand and cloud dough, both are pretty fun!

 she was pretty impressed with her handprint
 Gideon is getting good at holding his head up!

Public school at age 2? Really?!

Is it just me or is this a little disturbing? Ok, more than a little disturbing. Here in Ontario, the Liberals are talking about starting school at age 2!

Their reasoning, more tax money because moms will go back to work.

The Early Years Study 3 was obtained by the Star in advance of its Tuesday release. In an exclusive interview in October, Mustard, who died last week, said the recommendations should be easy for Ontario, which is already implementing full-day kindergarten for 4- and 5-year-olds.
“I would come down to 3-year-olds, then 2-year-olds and 1-year-olds,” he said.
“I'd move right down, and I'd pay (early childhood educators) well, and if you are telling me we don't have the money, I'd make the point that the risk for physical and mental health problems is actually set in early development.”
I don't know about you, but I am a bit upset about that last sentence. He is suggesting that public schools do a better job preventing mental health problems than parents could! That supposedly children will be better off if they are put in public school while they are still in diapers?! That is unbelievable!

What is this push in our society to not parent our children? I am sorry, but I did not have children so that the government could raise them for me. No way!

There is no way that a public system could teach children more than they can learn at home. (as long as parents aren't just parking their children in front of the tv all day)

Besides the tax thing this seems to me like a desperate attempt to indoctrinate or children at an even earlier age the way the Liberal government wants them. They want graphic sex ed classes in grade 3 getting significantly more graphic by grade 6 and 7. ( Source: They want Christianity out of schools, the list goes on and on and it's getting more and more scary by the day!

Now I will admit, I am sometimes one who gets annoyed about stuff but doesn't do anything about it, but this is getting ridiculous. Parents need to take a stand and stop this insanity!!  Aside from all the dangers of putting toddler who are often not even potty trained into publicly funded schools. (That is really something teachers should really be standing up against too, because it is the teachers who will have to worry about even more chance of being blamed for abuse) If we don't what will the repercussions be in a few years?

November 23, 2011

 We found a new game at the Bible book store. We haven't played it yet, We are going to wait and play it when Caleb is off work and can play with us. We did have a look and it looks pretty cute!!
 Here is Aurora with it, It's called Bible Snap. It looks like you could use it for Bible lessons as well. and flash cards. Very useful game! :)
 Saturday m mother-in-law is doing a small party to celebrate Caleb's promotion. Aurora and I made a present for him today using an idea I found on Pinterest from I am momma hear me roar one of my favorite blogs.  Aurora drew a picture of him on parchment paper (It's supposed to be freezer paper shiny side down but I didn't have any, i think it would work better with freezer paper the parchment paper doesn't stick when you iron it) then I cut out her drawing and used it as a stencil
 Turned out pretty funny I think. I love the crazy little drawings toddlers do!
 And she made him a card while I was doing that.
 While we were doing that Gideon was chilling in his sassy seat...
 Then this afternoon Aurora worked on her puzzle. This is a pretty big deal, she's never been interested in puzzles before and has done this one completely by herself, probably because it's princesses...

 and here he is sleeping again, he likes to hold his hair while he sleeps. :)

November 22, 2011

my babys

 haha, his hair!! It's way too crazy

Tuesday Lesson

We are making rock candy. We decided to make it green. This is only day 1 so we'll have to wait 3-7 days for it to be done, I am pretty excited to see how it turns out!!! (the recipe was from Science Bob)

 We made these today for learning to count money.

 And these for counting to 5 still. (This idea was from Pinterest.)

 Aurora learned about watercolors today. She was pretty into it. She really seems to like arty type stuff.

We also worked on the letter F, sewing and her verses. She's still working on Romans 6:23, I think that she has actually already memorize it but she sometimes like to be goofy and doesn't say it so we are not moving on yet. 

November 19, 2011

the rest of our week

He's trying to lift his head and he's really trying hard to sit up, man the abs on babies....
 Aurora helping me with the dishes before doing an "experiment"
 baking soda + vinegar + food coloring = fun for Aurora
 Yesterday morning we made pancakes and Aurora had a "funny one"
 Here she is making them
 flour on her face....
 Gideon tried out the excer saucer, he's a bit small but he really liked it, he just needs a lot of supervision because he doesn't have complete control of his head yet.
 Aurora learning to sew yesterday as part of her school work. She loved it.

And a little kiss for her baby brother.... 
Oh ya, and an official blog congratulations to Caleb for his big promotion!!!! (that is what the yellow cake was for we just had to keep it a secret until HR announced it at work)

November 16, 2011

making chapstick

First here is a picture of the little man
This was our take on the traditional vasaline and cool aid lip balm. A little more natural. (well as natural as kool aid can be... I think I'm going to make up another recipe of it with essential oil and a little beeswax and see how that goes.)

This is before it cooled and hardened...

It hardened just a little bit lighter pink than this.