December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess Aurora!!

Three years ago today God answered our prayers and gave us our sweet girl Aurora. We prayed for a long time for a baby and she was worth the wait!

December 28, 2011

Christmas and Art Class

Christmas has come and gone. I hope yours was wonderful. Our was pretty busy so I have to say, I am a little glad to be past it. I love Christmas but all the long days not at home were a little hard on the kids. Today Aurora was under the table and I asked her why she was hiding, then I realized she had fallen asleep!!

I have something exciting coming up, I will be teaching art at the missionary school here next year. I am pretty excited (but also a little freaked out) I taught art there for a year 8 or 9 years ago and loved it but then moved away, got married, had kids all that. The school is pretty small, it's the school I went to from 4th grade all the way through high school. The teachers are all missionaries most have been in other countries for many years before coming here. The students are all children of missionaries or of people training to be missionaries. The teachers all genuinely care about their students too, actually that kind of drove me a little crazy when I was in high school because if (more like when)  I was slacking off they would call me on it or talk to my parents.

Tomorrow is also a big day in our house. Miss Aurora is turning 3 tomorrow.!!

December 16, 2011

3 months!

Wednesday brought a wonderful answer to many years of prayer.My dear friend (who happens to also be married to my husbands youngest biological uncle- his mom is from a BIG family with 10 biological kids and 5 adopted ones) had a baby girl. She and her husband have a 5 year old son (almost 6) who came after many years of prayer as well.

For the past 4 years they have prayed for another (and I prayed specifically for a daughter for them :) ) Sweet little Abigail is the answer to all those prayers!! 
It was so fun being pregnant with our babies together, both Allison and I have struggled with infertility and are now both blessed with a boy and girl. 
I am just so thrilled for her and her husband and son and can hardly wait to hold Abigail in February when we visit. 
This is something I made for her, I hope she likes it, I've been playing around with watercolor painting lately. I have a few other gifts for her that are on the go but being December time kind of got away from me so those will have to get mailed later. 

 This week Gideon turned 3 months old! In some ways it seems like he's been with us for so much longer but it also seems like it's gone so quickly
 snoozing together Wednesday morning.

 his facial expressions always make me laugh

Luke 2:11

December 07, 2011

melty monster

I think Gideon migh be starting to teeth, he's chewing his hands a lot. 
I've been wanting to try melted crayon art with Aurora for months but haven't gotten around o it.Finally today we did.
We blocked out the shape of a monster with masking tape the picked our colors and hot glued them on the canvas
 then used the hair dryer for a while till it got really drippy

 then took off the tape and since some color had gotten under the tape we painted the monster
 she thinks he's pretty funny

John 14:6

December 01, 2011

it's starting to feel like Christmas!

Today Aurora did some finger painting. I've seen a ton of those hand print pictures on Pinterest so I thought we should try doing a Christmas tree one. I am sure someone has probably done this before but oh well.  Nothing new under the sun right?
So here is her hand print Christmas tree picture. The dots below it are presents.
 Yesterday we woke up to snow, so we played in it for a while.

 then Aurora and Gideon snuggled a bit.
Yes, he has a pink bumbo seat, that is what happens when you have a big sister... LOL :) He looks pretty funny sitting in it, he's still so little but he really like it.