December 07, 2011

melty monster

I think Gideon migh be starting to teeth, he's chewing his hands a lot. 
I've been wanting to try melted crayon art with Aurora for months but haven't gotten around o it.Finally today we did.
We blocked out the shape of a monster with masking tape the picked our colors and hot glued them on the canvas
 then used the hair dryer for a while till it got really drippy

 then took off the tape and since some color had gotten under the tape we painted the monster
 she thinks he's pretty funny


  1. awesome! Gotta try that one with Silas :)

  2. That came out great! Adorable little project!

  3. Sarah, make your design with school glue instead of tape it would probable work better, That's what i will try next time.


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