December 28, 2011

Christmas and Art Class

Christmas has come and gone. I hope yours was wonderful. Our was pretty busy so I have to say, I am a little glad to be past it. I love Christmas but all the long days not at home were a little hard on the kids. Today Aurora was under the table and I asked her why she was hiding, then I realized she had fallen asleep!!

I have something exciting coming up, I will be teaching art at the missionary school here next year. I am pretty excited (but also a little freaked out) I taught art there for a year 8 or 9 years ago and loved it but then moved away, got married, had kids all that. The school is pretty small, it's the school I went to from 4th grade all the way through high school. The teachers are all missionaries most have been in other countries for many years before coming here. The students are all children of missionaries or of people training to be missionaries. The teachers all genuinely care about their students too, actually that kind of drove me a little crazy when I was in high school because if (more like when)  I was slacking off they would call me on it or talk to my parents.

Tomorrow is also a big day in our house. Miss Aurora is turning 3 tomorrow.!!


  1. May God bless you as you touch those precious children!

    mrs a

  2. Thanks!! I just checked out your blog, I like what I see, I will be following you. :)


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