September 30, 2011

Camera Strap Bling

These are my two camera straps. I actually made them during the summer but still thought I would post them. 

The ruffly one is made from a tutorial found here. I only added one ruffle though. (btw thank mom for sewing it for me, i really need to figure out how to use my Pfaff) 

The denim one was my own idea, a pretty simple one really. I just upcycled an old pair of jeans and added 3 large fabric roses with pearl centers. I am a little obsessed with these roses so I really like it. :) I sewed them on and used hot glue. I found that hot glue on it's own wasn't enough especially for something I use as much as my cameras (strap) so sewing them added some strength. 

September 27, 2011


 A was working on a new necklace today. It generally takes her a least 2 hours to make one, pretty good considering she isn't 3 yet.
Here is a start...
 I love how hard she concentrates on each bead.
 While she did that i whipped up a nursing bracelet. I have one of those generic white rubbery ones but seriously, who really wants to wear one of those? I haven't seen too many options, there are a few on etsy but they are all mostly the same, still nicer than the rubbery ones though. I have a few ideas for some that i think will be really cool, i just need some materials that i don't currently have before i can try them out. Hopefully i can get to that soon.
In the meantime this is what i made. I didn't really think that numbers were necessary, I put the pin pearls for every 3rd hour so it's really simple to figure out. Without  numbers it just looks like a normal bracelet too which i liked.

G is already 2 weeks old! (as of tonight) I can hardly believe how fast it is going. He's such a sweet little guy.

September 26, 2011

finger puppets

The felt monster finger puppets we've made. Monsters are so fun because you can make them look crazy and use different sized eyes and it's all just part of their "charm".
A really likes these guys. She's having a monster birthday party this year and these guys will be part of it.

Felt Leaves

I saw some felt leaves on Etsy (this shop) that were just way too cool. I just love felt and the combination of felt and craft wire was way too cute for me to not try some of my own. I think I made at least 9 or 10 of them. I'm not sure yet what I am going to do with them. They are cool just one a table or could be made into a wreath or garland or anything really. 

September 22, 2011

Introducing Baby G!

At last the long wait is over!! Actually G is over a week old now!! It is crazy how slow the time goes while you are waiting for them to come (especially when they decide to be late) and how quickly it flies once they are born!!!

He is so sweet, such a good baby (very unlike his sister was at his age!!)

This week has been all about trying to heal and adjust and sleep. I am hoping to start school with A on Monday but might hold off one more week depending on how I am feeling. (I keep getting scolded by my midwives for doing too much too soon. Oops! I really stink at this whole "taking it easy" thing.) So in the meantime I am planning and brainstorming different ideas so hopefully I will be very prepared. :)

September 13, 2011

waiting waiting waiting

I've been working on the curriculum for my daughter for this year and am itching to get started. Our school year will start a little later than most (since she's only in preschool it doesn't really matter) since we are waiting for her baby brother to make his grand appearance. What a stubborn child he is!

Yesterday A discovered that buttons are very fun to use as beads. She has seen me sewing many times and is really interested and wants to learn but since I don't have any plastic needles yet (hoping to remedy that today) we have stuck to beading. Mostly beading with pony beads only pipe cleaners, but yesterday she grabbed a regular spool of thread and started beading buttons onto it, no needle or anything. (did i mention that she isn't 3 for a few months still?)
It's so fun to watch toddlers concentrate so hard on things like this. She seriously sat there for over 2 hours just working at it, she only stopped then because her daddy got home from work and she had to hide and scream excitedly (the usual after work show in our house) she then went on to work on it again later until we made her stop for supper (and that was almost world war 3)

In the evening I gave her some thin ribbon and picked out some of the buttons with bigger holes (since obviously ribbon is a lot bigger than string and would be much harder to thread through the small buttons, especially for a 2 year old who doesn't understand about folding it) and mixed them with some pony beads for her to make a necklace. Once again she spent at least an hour working on it and made herself a lovely necklace. :) (I will upload a picture of her with it soon, my camera is being held hostage right now LOL)

Today i hope to find her some new supplies so she can expand her talents.