September 27, 2011


 A was working on a new necklace today. It generally takes her a least 2 hours to make one, pretty good considering she isn't 3 yet.
Here is a start...
 I love how hard she concentrates on each bead.
 While she did that i whipped up a nursing bracelet. I have one of those generic white rubbery ones but seriously, who really wants to wear one of those? I haven't seen too many options, there are a few on etsy but they are all mostly the same, still nicer than the rubbery ones though. I have a few ideas for some that i think will be really cool, i just need some materials that i don't currently have before i can try them out. Hopefully i can get to that soon.
In the meantime this is what i made. I didn't really think that numbers were necessary, I put the pin pearls for every 3rd hour so it's really simple to figure out. Without  numbers it just looks like a normal bracelet too which i liked.

G is already 2 weeks old! (as of tonight) I can hardly believe how fast it is going. He's such a sweet little guy.

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