December 01, 2011

it's starting to feel like Christmas!

Today Aurora did some finger painting. I've seen a ton of those hand print pictures on Pinterest so I thought we should try doing a Christmas tree one. I am sure someone has probably done this before but oh well.  Nothing new under the sun right?
So here is her hand print Christmas tree picture. The dots below it are presents.
 Yesterday we woke up to snow, so we played in it for a while.

 then Aurora and Gideon snuggled a bit.
Yes, he has a pink bumbo seat, that is what happens when you have a big sister... LOL :) He looks pretty funny sitting in it, he's still so little but he really like it.


  1. WE have not gotten any snow yet! My kids are totally jealous of all the other kids getting to play in the snow. Finger paint tree is such a great idea!

  2. Thanks Jacqueline! Our snow is gone now, It rained this weekend and now besides a tiny dusting from last night we don't have any

  3. First, I LOVE the name of your blog...and your two little ones are so precious. We missed out on the bumbo seats. My youngest could have had one...but he was the third and well...didn't get some of those cool items! That snow looks like a ton of fun and I LOVE the Christmas tree hand print!!!!!


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