November 15, 2011

math and letters

working on the alphabet. She used to know A-E but kind of forgot it all when we stopped working on them for a while... Doh!

 "C" says C as in Cat worksheet

 Today we did something new with math. I put out the numbers and she put that amount of pennies on the number. I didn't expect her to absolutely LOVE it and want to do it over and over for almost an hour!!

At the end she got to put the pennies in her Cinderella piggy bank.

We are also still working on Romans 6:23 she's about 2/3's done.


  1. Its funny how they totally take us by surprise, eh? Looks like a good week!

  2. LOVE your banner! Your daughter is ADORABLE! I miss those preschool days! Thanks for the You Tube suggestion for labs. I'm find a lot of things on You Tube lately!

  3. Thanks! ya, youtube is great! so much you can learn through it!


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