November 23, 2011

 We found a new game at the Bible book store. We haven't played it yet, We are going to wait and play it when Caleb is off work and can play with us. We did have a look and it looks pretty cute!!
 Here is Aurora with it, It's called Bible Snap. It looks like you could use it for Bible lessons as well. and flash cards. Very useful game! :)
 Saturday m mother-in-law is doing a small party to celebrate Caleb's promotion. Aurora and I made a present for him today using an idea I found on Pinterest from I am momma hear me roar one of my favorite blogs.  Aurora drew a picture of him on parchment paper (It's supposed to be freezer paper shiny side down but I didn't have any, i think it would work better with freezer paper the parchment paper doesn't stick when you iron it) then I cut out her drawing and used it as a stencil
 Turned out pretty funny I think. I love the crazy little drawings toddlers do!
 And she made him a card while I was doing that.
 While we were doing that Gideon was chilling in his sassy seat...
 Then this afternoon Aurora worked on her puzzle. This is a pretty big deal, she's never been interested in puzzles before and has done this one completely by herself, probably because it's princesses...

 and here he is sleeping again, he likes to hold his hair while he sleeps. :)

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