November 01, 2011

John 3:16

My husband and I are both big into memorization, when he was a kid they memorized whole books of the Bible, to this day every Christmas they recite Luke 2 instead of just read it (they read it too though).

Memorization always came easy to me as well and was something I enjoyed, poems and verses alike (and a good amount of Lewis Carrol's Through the Looking Glass, on of my favorite classics )

When Caleb decided to start Aurora on a full length verse I admit I was a bit skeptical, sure she can sing most of Chris Tomlin's songs word for word but that is music and she is still not quite 3. I suggested he shorten it for her but he insisted that she could and would learn it the way it really is so he divided it into 4 parts and worked with her for about 5 minutes on the first part. To my surprise she got it right away so I figured, he must be right.

After about 8 days she could say it perfectly without prompts. She still sometimes makes mistakes, she leaves out the "so" in "so loved" and sometimes she skips over "Whoever believes in Him (which is a pretty important part) but she is getting it and even explained it to her older cousin (4). We will continue to work on it for a few more days and then start her on another one, while reviewing this one.

Here she is saying it, she was a little distracted and not in the mood but with the promise of a treat she let me video tape her saying it. :)


  1. That is awesome!!!!!!!! She is adorable!! And what a great skill to teach her so early on! Scripture memorization is a big thing for me as well, I love being able to pull out verses as the situation call for them! :)

    Found your blog on the Hip Homeschool Hop!


  2. Awesome! Nothing as sweet as little babies memorizing the word! They are sponges, way to take advantage of it!

    - visiting from the hop -

  3. thanks Kara! :) She certainly is a sponge!!! sometimes it's a little scary how much she picks up!!

  4. So awesome! I wish I had the memory that kids have! Visiting from the Hop.

  5. thanks toshowthemjesus! Ya, her memory is amazing.


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