November 19, 2011

the rest of our week

He's trying to lift his head and he's really trying hard to sit up, man the abs on babies....
 Aurora helping me with the dishes before doing an "experiment"
 baking soda + vinegar + food coloring = fun for Aurora
 Yesterday morning we made pancakes and Aurora had a "funny one"
 Here she is making them
 flour on her face....
 Gideon tried out the excer saucer, he's a bit small but he really liked it, he just needs a lot of supervision because he doesn't have complete control of his head yet.
 Aurora learning to sew yesterday as part of her school work. She loved it.

And a little kiss for her baby brother.... 
Oh ya, and an official blog congratulations to Caleb for his big promotion!!!! (that is what the yellow cake was for we just had to keep it a secret until HR announced it at work)

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