October 18, 2011


Yesterday I went down to Hamilton area to take pictures of a sweet little newborn. I did his mom's maternity session a month or two ago and he made his appearance two weeks ago today.
Thankfully the sun decided to show it's face yesterday, it's been so rainy and dark here lately!!
(click on the Lily Pond button on the side if you want to see the little guy)

I got a chance to meet some very cool girls last night as well, I hope I'll be able to get to know them a bit more.

Today I am working on edits and planning out another quiet book. I haven't quite finished the other two yet, getting very close and then I will post pictures again, I am pretty happy with them so far. But after mocking me a bit for taking all day to finish one page, my husband says, hey, you should make one with all Bible stories! Ha! make fun of me then ask me to do another one?! Ok, sure. So I'm working on what stories will go in and all that. I am actually drawing up a template this time, i didn't do any patterns with the other two but with this one I am, so i will post that as well as pictures when I am finished.

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