October 01, 2011

family prints

Now that we are a family of four and our sweet boy is here, I wanted to create something with all of our hand prints on it. I love all the different sizes of our hands right now. A's hands look so big now when they seemed so small only weeks ago.

Originally I wanted a long short canvas and do all of our prints in a row, but I couldn't find one the right size at our local art store (or anywhere else that has them) So I came up with plan B which I am quite happy with actually.

So, first off, prime the canvas (the two small ones are for another project, I have quite a few on the go at the moment) and let it dry. I primed mine a couple days ago and just finished off tonight.

One blue hand print from hubby and a burgundy one from me...
Let it dry... (doesn't take too long for acrylic paint to dry)
 Paint up A's hand, remind her to hold very still and spread her fingers and not to move until I lift her hand off. Remind her again, then push down her hand. (she obeyed quite well)

Then the tricky part, getting a newborn's handprint... ya, if you've ever tried you understand. They like to clench their little fists and are surprisingly strong. I was quite successful when A was a baby and a little less so this time but oh well.

Hubby helped by holding G, we tried while he was asleep but when the cold paint touched his hand....well he obviously woke up, but still he did pretty well. Not the best hand print ever but it will do.

(sorry for the crummy pictures, it's dark out so my natural light is gone)

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