October 09, 2011

Science lesson

Preschool science lessons are so fun. Basically ours consist of finding something cool, looking at it with a magnifying glass and talking about it, the kids really don't even realize they are learning. Our last one was really impromptu. My oldest nephew (A.M.) found a dead Monarch butterfly that was still perfectly together so we "studied it" which led to looking for other bugs,  catching a huge bumblebee to "study" then release and a few other moths and beetles.

Well, they both really enjoyed it, so when my mom found a dead praying mantas she was quick to get a container and save him (despite being grossed out) for next time the kids were over. Well they were very excited about that!! Praying Mantas have to be some of the strangest looking bugs after all.

Dead Praying Mantus
And in case that was too disturbing for you, here is a flower. LOL

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