October 09, 2011

Happy Pills

My poor 2 year old nephew just broke his leg, he's got a massive cast on and he's not allowed to put any pressure on it for 6 weeks!!! I can't imagine how you keep a 2 year old (who JUST turned 2 a few days ago)  from putting pressure on his leg for that long!!!

I have seen something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was very cute so  pinned it ages ago knowing one day it would come in handy. Well,  think that a broken leg deserves some "happy pills" I filled this one with Smarties and gumballs, although I should have gotten a lot more smarties because 1 box is NOT enough to fill it the way I wanted it filled. Oh well. I know for next time.

I would have made a more legit label too but was being rushed out the door by an impatient hubby. :)

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