October 04, 2011

Leaf Crafts

Today we did some art and nature study with the kids. I am doing some of A's classes together with her cousin. My mom watches my sister's two boys a few days a week while my sister works. Her older son is a year older than my daughter and they get really well (most days :) )

My nephew is VERY smart and can read already (he just turned 4) very well so obviously they can't do all their classes together but art and science we can.

 Gathering some pretty leaves
 Dipping the leaves in the melted wax
 Here is our collection (before dipping them)...
 after dipping them in the melted wax we hung them on a little "clothes line" to dry. They looked pretty cool hanging there

 My mom decided to try out some flowers too...

 Then we did some rubbings in the kids new art journals
 And A practiced drawing circles

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