March 26, 2012

This basically sums up our weekend....
Aurora and I both have cold and poor Gideon has an ear infection and a cold. He had a pretty rough night last night. :( 
We didn't do any preschool today at all, I had a newborn photo session this morning which takes a good amount of the day (it takes a LONG time for them to go to sleep so you can pose them usually) so between that and everyone feeling crummy we decided to take the day off.
We did do our last bit of worm study on Saturday though, it was a perfect rainy day so it was easy to catch a bunch of "wormies"

I had looked up ideas for worm units and seen the idea of letting the worms "paint" to see how they move. We (obviously) used non toxic paint and were carefull to get it all off the worms before letting them go again. After all, we like wormies. :)
Aurora LOVED this project. She finally got up her nerve to actually HOLD a worm (only the really small ones though)


comments make me smile! :)