March 28, 2012

feeling better and farm

The Gidster is feeling much better! He's still not 100% but his antibiotics are working really quickly which is great because taking care of a miserable 7 month old is EXHAUSTING!

Today we started our farm unit which we'll be working on for whole month of April (besides a little break next week to talk about Easter for a couple days) We'll be spending a lot of time on different farm animals (and visiting some to see them in person which she will LOVE) and learning about how plants grow. This is the first time I have really done a real, focused unit so I am excited and nervous about that.

We started our plant part of the farm study today by planting out seeds (last week Aurora picked 5 different plants to grow and we bought the seeds) and picking out some books about farm animals and plants.

We are still working through the alphabet as well but she seems to be really struggling with some of the letters so I think we have to stop pushing forward and go back to spend more time on some of the ones she has trouble with.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring less runny noses, happier kids and lots of fun and learning.

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