March 21, 2012


Since Spring seems to be in full force (at least for now) we are studying everything spring. Today we studied Robins.

We went up to the library and got a book about them, It turned out to be a really good book for young kids! It had lots of great pictures and was a lot of information but they kept it simple. I learned a few things I didn't know, but it was easily understandable for Aurora to. :)

 We also got a few books about bugs and beetles and have been studying them (in an attempt to help Aurora get over her sudden crippling fear of all things creepy crawly.)

Here is a beetle we found in the garden. Around here you find these pretty often when you dig, but this time we stopped to really look at one.

 (Then we had some fun blowing bubbles)
We are certainly enjoying this warm weather, but man am I tired at the end of the day!! I have been falling into bed exhausted way earlier than usual!! (that may also have something to do with Gideon deciding to get up earlier than he used to though)

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