January 20, 2012

Art Day

Yesterday we spent most of our school time doing art. We always have some coloring with each lesson but this time we went all out painting in our art journals. 
Aurora learned a bit about the color wheel and what colors shouldn't mix. 
She started with a white crayon. then a layer of watercolor to see that the watercolors resisted the crayon. 
Then added some acrylic paints, then finished with modge podged pictures she liked out of an old magazine.
 (waiting for the gesso to dry so she could start)

I didn't take any picture of it finished yet because we were so busy painting it started to get dark and I realized I better get supper going before Caleb got home! :) (He's been working pretty late this week so he hasn't gotten home before 7:15pm) 
Today Caleb is off (since he's worked four 14 hour days already this week) so we are taking the day off school and hopefully doing something fun. Perhaps taking Aurora to her first theater movie (Beauty and the Beast) if we don't do that today though we will try for Sunday probably. She's been pretty excited about it. 

In other news. I have been checking out some different artist and their techniques for art  class next year (not for Aurora for the missionary academy- see previous post about it) and I've found one that is just so interesting and really cool and he has videos of his painting (sped up) So i was checking out his website this morning and it looks like he might be a believer. I have to do a bit more digging because I don't like to just assume based on one sentence but I thought that was pretty neat. I was definitely not expecting that, it's just an added bonus!

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