February 23, 2012

finally an update!

I've been terrible at updating the last month or so!! Life has been a little crazy, my husband was on 4 straight weeks of afternoon shifts leaving me alone every night of the week, but one, with a very fussy baby and Aurora who was acting up because Gideon was taking so much attention (teething I think). Basically I've just been trying to survive and not go completely insane. Some day I was more successful than others. ;) 

I got Gideon a Healing Hazel necklace that is supposed to help with teething pain, eczema and many other things. I haven't noticed a difference with his eczema yet (poor baby has it so bad only adult steroid cream seems to make a difference. :-/ I'm going to try flax seed oil and see if that will help without the harsh cream.) but he is at least sleeping a lot better, only getting up 2-3 times during the night instead of every hour or more. That alone has greatly helped my sanity. He's also been less fussy in the evening. 

This week we are all trying to, get over nasty colds again but did manage to get a few things done today. We baked buns and cookies, gave all the bath toys a good cleaning. did some painting and worked on Aurora's verses and some new songs.

Here are a few pictures from our week. 
 Aurora usually comes into our bed sometime in the morning and cuddles (goes back to sleep) Gideon often will come into our bed after his morning feeding and usually falls back asleep too o this was them snuggling Sunday morning
 Gideon is getting so big! He says "da" now which is pretty funny, especially when he is really mad and yelling it. Of course he wants mama then not dada but oh well.

 He's not crawling yet, (Aurora was crawling everywhere by his age) but he's mastered rolling

 Here is one of Aurora' paintings from today. She looked at a picture of a sunset and painted it. I talked to her about what colors went where. She did a great job! (This is the picture she looked at)

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