June 22, 2012

beans, a new dog and summer vacation

Once again it has been WAY TOO LONG since I updated this blog. :( Ugh, I've been a slacker big time. (at least with regards to this site, everything else has been going smoothly LOL)

Gideon is growing like crazy. He's starting to try standing by himself. He's only attempted it twice now but still. He's so funny. His favourite thing to do right now is to "silent scream" whether he is angry or happy... it's pretty funny.

 Aurora got a new haircut a few weeks ago. I had been contemplating it for a while, He hair was funny. When she was younger it was straight at the top then loose ringlets at the bottom, then one day it just changed and was tight curls at the top and the ends were kind of scraggly. I gave her a few trims thinking her ends were just split but it didn't help.
Finally I got up the nerve and cut it short (well it's about 5 inches long still.) she looks like Shirley Temple now. She has these amazing tight ringlets and doing her hair is simple now!

Our little plants are doing awesome!! The salad mix never did work, but the purple beans are actually growing beans now!! we found 4 of them today so far and ate one. LOL it was good!

Here is another one that i starting...

Our peas are flowered...

Here is Aurora with our tomato plant, carrots (in the middle) and more beans behind her. (she was just swimming and eating LOL)

 Meet Zoey, our new doggy. She's really good. She's almost a year old and really well trained. She just needs to learn not to jump when she is excited and that is coming.

One of my nephews turned 1 last month and at his birthday party my mom set up a pretty awesome waterside for the kids. It went down a small hill right in front of her house so they could really get some speed up. Aurora loved it and so did her daddy. :)

I've been working pretty hard on my lesson plans for art class this fall. I am pretty excited about it. I checked out my classroom a few weeks ago and am dying to get in there and get it set up!!
My photography business has also been keeping me pretty busy, I have a few birth (tentatively) coming up which I am very excited about, Births are BY FAR my favourite thing to shoot, but it's still so new and unknown in my area.

I hope you are all having a great summer so far as well!! It's been so hot here but today it seems to finally have cooled off a bit which I am very thankful for.

Well, that's my update for now. Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day and weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have been anything but a "slacker", having fun with the kiddos!

  2. Such wonderful photos! Your kiddos are beautiful. Love the waterslide pic...we've been doing a lot of the same at our house!


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